It is Roundup Time

At the current age of 89 years, still counting, and with my formative years having been spent in the open vistas of plains deserts, and rocky mountains of the U.S.A. west, I am urged by that entrenched western tradition of "gathering the herd" at the end of the season to look over, count and place the accumulated evaluation of the gathered.

The viewer of this gathering will see that all carry the same brand - normally considered works of art.

The trail followed in creating this "herd" began in 1920 as a member of a farm family struggling through a withering drought and the 1930's depression, relevant because of the enforced call for resourcefulness, much toil with mind and hand to use tools and materials to solve one's needs. I credit my gene pool for abilities to meet these confronted tasks. These experiences and abilities continue to serve me well as an artist.

Pearl Harbor 1941 set a new surprising direction. Responding to Uncle Sam's call I enlisted into the Naval Air Corps and was trained as a carrier-based dive bomber pilot. At war's end I resigned from active duty in the Navy and with my new bride returned to the University of Colorado at Boulder to complete my studies earning a Master of Fine Arts Degree and was invited to remain at the University as a teacher. I also taught briefly at Baylor University at Waco, Texas and at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana. Making an early decision to develop a career combining teaching with actively producing art, I moved to Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota where I taught for 31 years while maintaining an active studio working in sculpture for exhibitions and commissions. Examples of this work will be identified as to the source of commissions and location of installations in the following examples.

The statement below by Albert Elsen will inform significantly the reader about the artwork shown on this website.

I hope you enjoy this record. I would welcome responses.

Raymond I. Jacobson
The views of one art critic regarding the engine that drives Jake's work.
jakes gift
jakes gift
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